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B is for Bear

B is for Bear

Alphabet letters from the diné by Darin Cadman, and edited by Celinda Reynolds Kaelin gives the reader an opportunity to understand and acknowledge differently our relationship to symbols and their meaning.

We no longer live in a world where “B” is for boy and “G” is for girl. We live in a world of understanding our inter connectedness and oneness with all and Darin “Bear” Cadman’s book brings us of all ages back to the basics, redefining the alphabet through the lens of an Indigenous warrior dancer and eagle bone whistle carrier.

In Bears book he describes “A” as: 
“I am above.
My first letter is shaped like a tip.
Like a tipi, I draw Great Spirit’s energy
From Above.”

And “D” is for Diné
“I am Diné, “The People.”
I am also called Navajo,
A name that means “farmer.”
My ancestors crossed an ice bridge from Mongolia to America a thousand years ago.”

He goes on to describe “V” as:
“I am victory.
Once, I was won after battle.
Now, I win when all people love one another.”


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