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JANUARY 21, 2021—SHIPROCK, NM— Today The Charity Gurus is proud to announce the launch of "B is for Bear," a new children's book of the alphabet written and illustrated by Darin (Bear) Cadman. Alphabet letters from the Diné, edited by Celinda Reynolds Kaelin, gives the reader an opportunity to understand and acknowledge differently our relationship to symbols and their meaning.

"We no longer live in a world where 'B' is for boy and 'G' is for girl," said Melanie Davis, co-founder of The Charity Gurus. "We live in a world of understanding our inter connectedness and oneness with all and Bear’s book brings all ages back to the basics, redefining the alphabet through the lens of an Indigenous warrior dancer and eagle bone whistle carrier."

By utilizing The Charity Gurus' integrated print-on-demand/ship-on-demand technology, Cadman was able to save thousands of dollars in upfront cost and start-up fees. Plus as a person of color he quickly realized most publishing houses didn’t take him and his book seriously. In his words “IF they accepted my book, I had to raise $5,000 starting capitol and they would they give me 5 books, you do the math. Working with The Charity Gurus, it relieved the financial pressure of my dream and gave me the freedom to use my resources to create art while avoiding being capitalized upon.”

In Bear's book he describes “A” as: 

“I am above.

My first letter is shaped like a tip.

Like a tipi, I draw Great Spirit’s energy

From Above.”


And “D” is for Dine

“I am Dine’, “The People.”

I am also called Navajo,

A name that means “farmer.”


Bear comes from the Kickapoo and Navajo Nations respectively. He resides in his home land of the four corners in the town of Shiprock New Mexico, USA. As an Eagle bone whistle carrier he takes his tribal roll seriously and has been a Traditional War Dancer (known as the Mens Norther Traditional Category) all his life starting at the age of 8 months. 

Prior to becoming an artist/author, Bear was a successful contractor. However, he tapped into his creative side after suffering a life altering back injury six years ago. He then involved his whole self in many types of art and discover it provided powerful medicine and profound healing. Known for his painting, bead, and feather work around the world from Russia to Dubai, he has also created hundreds of regalia pieces used in traditional Indigenous dance.

"B is for Bear" is available for order now at www.bearcadman.com. The book is $15 USD including shipping and handling.


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